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Temecula Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

The spinal cord acts as a highway of the body and sends messages to and from the brain. Any damage to the spinal cord, regardless of the severity, can have a profound impact on this exchange of messages, and thereby the functioning of the body. The location of the injury can also have a large impact on the lasting damage caused to the victim. If you or a loved one have received a spinal cord injury during a devastating accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are often categorized between complete and incomplete injuries. Complete spinal cord injuries result in a total loss of communication through the spinal cord, and unfortunately lead to paralysis. Incomplete spinal cord injuries maintain some movement and feeling.

The location of the injury will largely dictate the type of paralysis. Injuries to the high-cervical nerves can lead to quadriplegia, or paralysis in all four limbs. This will require ongoing care for the rest of the victim’s life. Injuries to the thoracic nerves in the middle of the back can lead to paraplegia, or paralysis in the trunk and legs. These are very serious injuries which require ongoing medical care, hospitalization, and often require in-house assistance.

Personal Injury Recovery

California is a comparative negligence state, which means that a spinal cord victim’s award of damages could be reduced depending on the court’s finding of their own amount of fault. Once a court makes a finding of the victim’s percentage of fault, the relevant damages will be reduced by this percentage. A victim will always be able to recover, even if they were found to be greater than 50 percent at fault for the accident.

Spinal cord injuries are among the worst injuries a victim can receive after a motorcycle or car accident and can impact every part of their daily life. A spinal cord injury could lead to ongoing care for the rest of the victim’s life. This is a drastic change for someone who is used to getting up, going to work, and doing all activities on their own. As the victim of a devastating accident, you should not be forced to cover your own medical expenses. Many spinal cord injury victims are unable to work after their injury, leading to an even greater expense in the future.

A claim for damages after a spinal cord injury can include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium

Spinal cord injuries require a huge adjustment to daily life and the victim’s future. Even if the spinal cord injury did not result in paralysis, their injury will likely require ongoing physical therapy and medication to prevent deeper injuries and pain from occurring.

Liljegren Law Group | Temecula, CA Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

If you or a loved one have received a spinal cord injury during a terrible accident, do not hesitate to contact the Liljegren Law Group. Our Temecula Personal Injury attorneys have years of experience in assisting our clients with their personal injury claims after an accident has greatly impacted their future. Spinal cord injuries are not injuries that can be easily recovered from, and often require months of rehabilitation and ongoing treatment to learn to live with the condition. Contact our Temecula office today for your initial free consultation.

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